FRUTAS FÉNIX S.L was born with one purpose:

– To ensure quality of the production of our providers and get it better with our comercialization service that we offer to our clients.

In order to do that, we have a team of specialists, they prospect spanish vegetables and fruits , supporting the little and middle grower, advising him on how to fulfil the quality requirements that markets such as european or eastern demand.

On the other hand, we are continuosly in touch with our clients from different markets so we can know the requirements of each campaign, and reporting to them, in a very realistic and accurate way, what is the situation of the spanish field.planisphere_jobs

We know the market, we care about selecting the most fittable varieties depending on the season, with the knowledge of almost 20 years of experience.

We work in order to adapt to our clients always looking to achieve the most profitable relation between quality and price.

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