Identity and goals to achieve

Our identity:
Frutas Fénix works with a selected production, always guaranteeing a quality according to the international and european quality standards.

We aim to achieve the next goals:

  • We develop a honest and open relationship with our clients.
  • We make sure to create conditions in order to make easier a cooperation that makes sure a benefit ot our partners.
  • We are able to overcome difficulties and adapt ourselves to the market.
  • We are aware of the latest innovations of the fruit business, always learning as a never ending process.

Objectives to achieve in the future that is already here:

To provide the european (western and eastern) consumers the opportunity to buy from a selected catalogue of fruits with a high quality and an affordable price.
Through our mediation, to make easier the contact between our top spanish producers in Europe and the main importers in the International Economic Comunity.
We also want to achieve the goal of the association with some of the little growers that depend on our help in order to export. Due to the volume they usually work, they trust us so we can distribute their fruits in the most suitable markets. That is why it is already a reality, we promote their products in the main fairs of the sector such as Fruit Logistica or Fruit Attraction.
We also have developed our own seal of approval, prueba-12to add some value to the brand. This seal represents:

  • The know how of our company selecting and preparing this provider to the european market
  • The quality of the fruit of the provider in the current season
  • Our own selection from our specialist team