Feb. 13th 2019

Fruit Logistica 2019

As usual, Frutas Fénix is at the main events of our sector.

Jan 15th 2016

The idea behind Roksolana

Brand development.Target Market.

Apr. 10th 2018

New trend: Pink Lemon

A brief review about this product, trendy in some of our markets.

The idea behind Roksolana

Jan 15th 2016

What are the first thoughts that lead to a brand design?

When it comes to develop a brand, the new paradigma demands we focus in our target client.
When the moment came to define a brand or representative image for Frutas FénixRoksolana, la primera marca de Frutas Fénix we decided not just only to take experience references and knowledge, but also the culture of our target markets, final destination of our brand.

How do you came with the idea of the name of a woman?

You must be aware of the new trend of an empowered woman. It is something that has been in the society, we came from an equal society, and not only that, we went further. We find ourselves reivindicating the relevance of the female figure.
Hence, we decided the idea should be representing us should be the name of a woman: Roksolana

But, why Roksolana?
After a deep research work, we decided we should be look for an idea recognizable by several markets.
We discarded vague ideas that quite often they dont trigger the client or they do not root in any of the client´s feelings.

"We consider essential to "link" with some of the feelings of the clients when our brand is seen at the market. Every reaction should be motivated by something. We wanted our brand to be that something.
We are perfectly aware the fruit does not look so diferent as product that can influence the customer to consume. People does not appreciate the diference. I think that is the main reason the fruit industry is trying to put all their efforts and trying to give meaning to their brands and catalogues, looking for a reason that triggers the buy.

Roksolana was a woman with a difficult story, but with a beatiful message. She had an intense life with quite a rough start.
Being a perseverant, constant and cheerful, she was able to change her fate until she became the wife of the sultan Soleiman and break a few traditions on the way, such as being the only wife and mother of more than one heir.

She had a strong political influence, she made bold decisions and today her role is acknowledged, and her figure is revered in Poland, Ukraine and mainly Turkey.

" " One of the few things that we loved about Roksolana was her cheerful way to live and her attitude, she even had her nickname "Hürrem" (the cheerful).

Interview to Vicente Polo Corell, business developer of Frutas Fénix S.L


Events: Fruit Logistica 2019

Feb 15th 2019

As every year, Frutas Fénix attends to one of the main fairs of the fruit and vegetable world:Fruit Logistica.

Fruit Lo In this event, more than three thousand exhibitors coming from more than 90 countries. Numbers talk by themselves, during three days this event receives more than 75000 visitors from more than 135 countries.
It is fundamental to be aware of trends, new products, and the chance an event likte his provides to ask not only our usual clients we can meet in such an important gathering point, but also potential clients from emerging markets, such Asia...

The main point of this kind of events is to be able to mix meetings with clients and growers we represent another countries. This certifies the international presence of Frutas Fénix. The point of this meetings is to determine in a more accurate way, how can we able to stablish optimization processes over our operations, and, of course, to look for more oportunities in order to make business.

Another big plus about being in this kind of events is to be able to be in touch with the regional administration (Picture). It is hard for representing companies, even if we are always working with valencian product, to share our concerns and worries right to the administration. We have to say their role is so important, and we have been really comfortable with them, providing us (all of the valencian attending companies) a team feeling and a very important thing: Networking

The attending companies came to this event under Conselleria de Agricultura, Desarrollo Rural,Emergencia Climática y Transición Ecológica, that allows us, as i said before, this internal networking in order to look for oportunities to sell valencian product.

Coming regularly to this kind of events allows us to have a general vision about the global trends of the market, considering we work with a product that depends on so many factors such as meteorological, health related, even geopolitical.

This kind of working method allows us to predict any possible inconveniency and then have a little margin to change strategies, selecting more fittable markets or researching about new trend products as those we present you in our catalogue.


New trend: Pink Lemon

Apr 10th 2018

Pink lemon is from California (América), its original purpose was catering and food services. Fruit Lo
Being a gourmet product, its taste is no different than its more traditional brother. It has the plus it can be picked during different times of the season, allowing to offer it with its special green stripes or full yellow.

Using this kind of fruits for cocktails is opening a new market that must be prospected by the companies aware of new trends.

From that, Frutas Fénix found out also about the citrus caviar. Not only used for cocktails, it has been proven a perfect accompaninment for fish, seafood and dessert.

Its wide range of colors allows to integrate it in cocktails or gastronomy.

It comes from Australia, in the tropical woods south of Queensland. However, it is being growed in some spanish fields where, quite slowly, it is becoming another export product for companies such as Frutas Fénix.


Diospyros Kaki: A winning product

Sep 25th 2018

It is not a secret that Diospyros kaki is one of the most exported fruits from Spain.

Over the last seasons, the Spanish Kaki has consolidated in the world market, with a volume over 3000 tons per year.

One of the main secrets has been to fulfill the void left by other kaki varieties, less suitable for long travels, such as Jiro, Fuyu and Hachiya.

Kaki Fenix Flame Diospyros kaki has unique characteristics, making it perfect for long travels which is why the consumption habits are going up around the world.

Frutas Fénix has already a position as a reliable Spanish kaki exporter. We usually work with far destinations as Ukraine, Belarus, Eastern countries by truck. We also work with Canada and the Asian market by air and ocean.

Frutas Fénix works Diospyros kaki under its Brand Fenix Flame. After a few seasons, we know what the market wants from us, and because of it, the brand is consolidating itself and gaining prestige. This is not only because of a good work as a Spanish kaki exporter, but also a philosophy and a know how after years of working a wide range of products allowing us to supply during the whole year.

Diospyros kaki is available from October to January, being a product that is available at the same time as orange, clementine and grapes.

Frutas Fénix works mainly with Spanish growers, hence we consider so important the promotion of the Spanish kaki and we are also aware of the current ever changing trends in the market.